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    New Car Lighting

    Mercedes Benz EQE

    New Car Lighting-Mercedes Benz EQE

    The Benz EQE was officially launched.
    In terms of appearance design, the EQE inherits the bow-shaped body of the flagship EQS of the EQ family, with a body length of 4969 and a drag coefficient of only 0.22. In addition, it is equipped with an NCM811 power battery with a total capacity of 96.1 kWh, and the CLTC comprehensive working condition is up to 752 kilometers.

    The front face of the EQE also basically follows the design of the EQS, with soft front lines and a closed air intake grille. The sports shape of the diversion groove below is very conspicuous, and with the thick chrome decoration, it is very handsome.

    Let's look at the lights.

    Mercedes-Benz's current choice of lamp technology is basically in the same line, what is used for S, what is used for E. Therefore, this EQE can also be equipped with DLP 1.3 million pixel headlights, which can perform refined anti-glare functions and ground projection functions. However, it is estimated that, like other models, DLP should be an optional function, and the projection content should currently only have meteor shower lighting effects. In addition to using a lens as the main light source for the high-end model, the low-end EQE uses a reflector bowl technology.

    However, unlike the fuel version of the headlight design, the daytime running lights in the fuel version of the S, E and C headlights are three dots, two dots and one dot respectively, with obvious inheritance. In the EQS of the EQ series, the headlights are also decorated with three-point daytime running lights, but this EQE has changed the family style, without the same penetration as the EQS, and the daytime running lights have been changed to upper and lower light guides.

    In addition to the transparent effect, there are three levels of ridges on the outside under the limited thickness, and the entire surface is designed with grid-like patterns. It is a matrix arrangement of the Mercedes-Benz logo.
    The interior decorative frame has a surface treatment similar to wood grain, and the texture is very good.

    The taillight part is EQ family-style 3D spiral shape, very similar to EQS. It does not use particularly advanced technology, but is only designed in a very unique optical scheme.

    When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, we have to mention its interior lamp design. The interior design is very luxurious. No matter what class of model it is, the interior is the existence of the same class. The same is plastic, why is Mercedes-Benz designed so beautifully.


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