FORUP provides optimized solution for automotive lighting system from photometry design to lamp assembly.
Our team is well experienced, and has robust develop
ment and production equipment to serve original equipment manufacturer in the world. 

Mechanical design & CAD Engineering

    Forup has enquired over 1000 lamps of 3D CAD in our very own database.
With our experience machancal design team, Forup is fully capable of fulfilling the design concept that you need.

  • Concept & aesthetic design
  • Feasibility & technical evaluation
  • Mounting scheme & structure design

Optical Design & Photometry Simulation

"Light up your world" is our prime objective of Forup.
    Our engineers design innovative optics to optimize the light emitted by our products.
Beyond style and design, we offer perfect regulatory knowledge and measure our products to ensure complete comformity.

  • Optical performance design & simulation
  • Standard optical laboratory
  • Ensure product pass certificate

Thermal Analysis

Heat is a critical factor with now days LED lamps,

    Forup can help you to understand the thermal characteristics of your product and subsequently tailor your thermal management solution for optimal performance.

Mold Flow Analysis

    Before machining the mold, performing a 3D mold flow analysis to elevate the part to be injected and identify any mold design considerations required. This will help determine how the selected material will fill the mold cavity and take into account any potential problem points during mold machining.


    By prototyping, you could find the best combination of material and design before proceeding to the final design and production. Reduce waste of cost and time on failure design and functionalities. Small batch prototypes could also be accomplished by simplified tools.

Testing & Validation
Products can be tested and certificated in the facility.
  • Goniometer
  • Retroreflector Meter
  • Brightness Meter
  • Luminous Meter
  • Colorimeter

Vibration test

Rain testing

Salt spray test

Machineries & Tooling

    Equipped with robust processing machineries:

  • High-speed CNC Machine 
  • Milling Machine 
  • Lathe Machine 
  • Die Spotting Machine 
  • Electrical Discharge Machine 
  • Grinding Machine 
  • Saw Machine

Manufacturing & Lamp Assembly

    FORUP integrate supplying sources and estabish a strong manufacturing alliance with different suppliers and manufacturing plant in Taiwan to accomplish different level of projects to meet with customers requirement on Quality and Cost.

  • Injection Molding
  • Hard Coating / Color Coating
  • Vacuum Plating / Metallizing
  • Lamp Assembly and Testing

6-axel gluing robotic arm

Vibration welding

Hot plate welding