2023 Taiwan AMPA Exhibition

The four-day Taipei AMPA exhibition has come to a perfect close, and this time we brought a brand new concept.

The combination of the A.S.A.S.(Active Safety Alarm System)  and lighting ensures our driving safety.

Headlights integrated with the A.S.A.S. system can emit warning beeps to the driver when it detects that the distance to the preceding vehicle is too close.

Tail lights integrated with A.S.A.S. system can pre-light the brake lights when the rear vehicle approaches, reminding the following vehicles.

With driving safety as the core concept and the integration of cutting-edge technology, this is the brand new concept we launched at the 2023 Taipei AMPA exhibition.

Thank you to the numerous inquiring crowds at the exhibition. We will continue our efforts to fully realize the concept of A.S.A.S. system.