Road Stud




Function L Type Reflective Delineator
Dimension 120 x 80 mm
Color Amber / Clear
Reflector Material PMMA
Shell Material ABS
Specification Two mounting screws


The manufacture of Road Stud reflector was use electroform mold cores (electroform insert) whose surface precision reaches the mirror level to doing plastic injection process ;  When light enter reflector will reflected because the characteristics of light refraction. Achieve the purpose of warning and protection.

The Road Stud reflector is divided into Road Stud Reflector, Roadway Safety Light, road marker reflector, road safety reflector , road reflector, highway reflector, solar road stud,solar flashing road studs,solar road marker,solar road stud according to product color and appearance.

FORUP reflector made of the highest quality electroform insert and plastic materials with high optical transmittance.The reflection performance achieves the best visualization, ensuring your road safety.